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2015-06-29 16:22:34
Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Is it time to make your home functional again or is it time to make a change? Most homeowners will face this dilemma at some point in their real estate journey, and it can be a hard choice to make. If you don't have a team of designers and handymen at your disposal (who does right?) is it worth financially supporting renovations to your home, or is it time to move? Whether you are scaling down, buying up or moving due to life changes, we can all relate to this important decision.



The kids are gone. It's been a great family home, but, memories aside, do you still need all that space? Should you convert those old bedrooms into a craft room, home office or media room, or buy a home that is truly functional for your day to day lives? Making a complete change to what you really need may be the best option for you.

You can cash out, and cash in. You are in the perfect situation to 'buy up' and get that perfect home you have always dreamed of! All that equity you have in your house can be rolled into a new loan on a larger, more updated home, and the interest rate might even be lower than what you are currently paying.

It would take the operating budget of a small country and the patience of 12 saints to get your house where you need it to be. Those cool, retro, unique details that you once loved are now old and ugly. That project at the end of the hall has just never fit in to the plans. You entertain your friends anywhere else but home and don't let them pass the porch line. Moving might possibly just be the best answer for you. Skip the unrealistic end results, construction zone in your living room and living out of a pizza box and just go ahead and call us! Your dream home is out there, and we can help find it.

The neighborhood is changing. It was perfect when you moved in: friendly neighbors, block parties, lemonade stands... But now the kids on the block have grown up and you find yourself double-checking your door locks before bed. Maybe it's time to find a new neighborhood to love.



Your mortgage is close to paid off. You're almost done! The finish line is in sight! Thinking about taking on a brand new 15 or 30 year mortgage can seem like a daunting task. Unless the house you are moving to is a far better fit for your lifestyle or you need to sell in order to downsize, it might be a better choice to stay put.

You credit needs some work. No one wants to sink all of their money into a home they can barely afford. If you credit is not quiet where you would like it to be, and it would mean putting more money down and/or paying a higher interest rate, it may be a better decision to wait for a later date.

You have money to renovate. Sometimes the house you originally fell in love with just needs a good updating, which can be cost effective and more convenient. Even small changes to address daily issues can make a big difference. If you love the function of your space but not the color of your cabinets, it's pretty easy to decide which one to fix first. Be sure to consult with The Roxburgh Group before doing any major renovations! We would be happy to refer you to home renovation professionals and ensure that you receive a decent return on your investment when you are ready to sell.

You need to stay in your neighborhood and there's no inventory in your price range. The tighter your parameters, the harder it can be to find the right home. If you need to be in a certain school district or keep a certain work commute, and can't find a home in the right area, perhaps it makes sense to put off the move.

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