One of the questions buyers often wonder is whether it is necessary to hire a dedicated buyer’s agent when purchasing new construction. The answer is a resounding YES!!
When you decide to take the leap and buy a new construction home, it can seem so easy. Unfortunately, building a new home is not as simple, or as trouble free, as you might imagine. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and you could end up with a property that is not nearly as perfect as you expected.
The truth is, you need a buyer’s agent to look out for your interests when buying new construction. As with any home purchase, there are too many potential pitfalls, hidden risks, and complications involved in the process to guarantee a good result unless you have experienced help. 
A buyers agent can help: 
1. Ensure you hire the right builder.
2. Guide you in deciding on the lot, location, and neighborhood.
3. Advise you on appropriate upgrades and plan modifications.
4. Organize and process all the paperwork, including the contract.
5. Negotiate on your behalf.
6. Represent you through the entire buying process.
7. The agent at the builder’s site represents the builder, not you.
We want to act as your advocates and help you make the best possible decisions when it comes to new construction and building your dream home! Call or Email The Heather Roxburgh Group today and start enjoying the home building experience!

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