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2017-03-31 15:40:02
Tales from Tony Robbins

The Heather Roxburgh Group just got back from an outstanding trip to attend Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power Within (UPW) in sunny California! This 3 1/2 day event helped us unlock the amazing forces within each and every one of us to create and achieve the quality of life we all desire and deserve.



Day One

All 9,000 attendees of UPW packed into the Galen Center at USC to begin the seminar. There were participants from 64 different countries, some as young as 7 years old! The stadium filled up quickly and the energy was starting to build. Then Tony Robbins hit the stage. His larger-than-life appearance and personality sent shock waves through the crowd.


That first day was filled with the initial ground work to prepare our minds, bodies and hearts for the 50+ hour immersive weekend. We were getting ready to cast off our preconceived notions about ourselves and to make breakthroughs we never thought possible. And what better way to prepare yourself than to WALK ON FIRE! After many hours of preparation, all 9,000 of us moved outdoors and each person was presented with the opportunity to prove their strength to themselves by walking across a bed of hot coals! Once you've walked on fire there isn't anything you can't do!


Day Two

On day two, we were led by the very entertaining and charismatic Joseph McClendon III. A true inspiration and beautiful soul, he helped the audience discover some difficult truths about their current lives, commit to a few simple changes and finally learn how to make those changes stick. Many of us could immediately identify a few areas in our personal and professional lives that could use improvement. With Joseph's guidance, however, the seemingly impossible road blocks dissipated and an easily-followed plan emerged. We felt hopeful, joyous and capable in our steps moving forward. We were also armed with effective management tools so that as hiccups in our plans occur, we can conquer them with ease.


Day Three

This was a life-changing day! After many hours of preparation, we arrived at the culmination of UPW. Tony aided us in finding our true limiting beliefs about ourselves. We were shocked to be confronted with the negative things we had been thinking about ourselves. 


This exercise was challenging to say the least, but it was worth it when Tony and his team helped us realize how stupid our limiting beliefs really were! We each found an empowering phrase to replace our limiting belief -  and then we celebrated our success and new opportunities!

Day Four

When you fly all the way to California, you MUST add in a little time for play. Sunday was our day to relax and rejuvenate (and to celebrate Aubrey's birthday!) and you better believe we did it in style. We traveled to Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood to walk among the hand prints of the stars and gaze at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Then we met up with Anita Rich, an amazing real estate agent and one of Heather's best friends, in Beverly Hills for delicious Italian food and butter sponge cake.

The whole team was overwhelmed and overjoyed with how transformative this experience was! We all gained a new sense of determination, optimism and passion for the future. If you have any questions or want more details, we would all be happy to share with you! Call or email us any time to learn more about our amazing trip!

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