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2015-06-17 15:12:46
The Benefits of Buying Up - And Why You Might Need

The Benefits of Buying Up!




You already know the benefits of buying up (SEE THE VIDEO ABOVE!) but what if you already own a home and need to sell before moving on to the next chapter of your life? Whether you need more space for you family, are ready to downsize for practical reasons, have to move due to a major life change, or just need a change of scenery, there is no better time to sell and make your dream home a reality!

We want to help you through the home selling process and advise you so that you not only get the best return on your real estate investment, but you don't miss out of peak times where it is perfect to sell!

#1 'I'm waiting for the value of my home to increase.' 
Many people plan to buy more real estate with the proceeds of the sale. But when your property goes up in value, so do others. Make sure to call us, your real estate professionals! We have in-depth knowledge of your current neighborhood and the neighborhood you would like to move into. We can help analyze the data and create the best buying-selling strategy for you.

#2 'I'm waiting to renovate so I can make top dollar.' 
We want you to get the best return on your investment, and can help advise you on which renovations will generate more market value. Let us help gauge which projects are creating the best buyer reactions and in turn would be more valuable.

#3 'I'm waiting for the last kid to move out.' 
While this departure date is important in anyone's life, it bears no true relationship to the ups and downs of real estate market. We want to make sure that you are not waiting yourself our of a financial opportunity! We can create a property value estimate so that you can make the best decision for everyone involved. 

#4 'I'm waiting to retire.' 
Instead of waiting for retirement, make your real estate a financial partner in your future. Let us use our expert market knowledge to show you how real estate can give you more funds for the future!

#5 'I'm waiting until the practical reasons outweigh the emotional memories.' 
It is a tough choice to leave behind a home that has brought you and your family so many good memories. Try and look at it this way - leave your home on a good note and remember it as a place of happiness. You wouldn't want to be desperate to get away from the real estate you own. Take videos and pictures to preserve the memories, and then call us to find a home to make new ones.

#6 'I'm waiting for…' 
Passively waiting to see what happens is not a plan or a strategy, and it could cost you. We can help you monitor real estate markets, increase the value of your current home and ultimately determine when you have the greatest advantage. Then, let's find you your perfect home!


Call us today with any of your real estate needs and let's start making those home buying or selling dreams come true!

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